While Fleur de Lis is synonymous with Pre-Columbian culture, French Monarchy coat of arms, The Holy Trinity, and New Orleans creole culture, the symbol of the “flower of the lily,” with three petals bound together reaching to the heavens has applicable meaning in the culture of FDL commercial real estate development and brokerage firm.

We view the firm’s development advisory and broker services as being governed by three principles:

• the Fiduciary responsibility of being trustworthy — maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity with information shared, and character and integrity in carrying out tasks,

• the Discipline responsibility of steadfast work– maintaining knowledge of trends, legal updates, and policies impacting the local community and the region, and

• Leading responsibility of bringing together key entities — serving as a model in establishing community partnerships and workforce training as an integral part of commercial development and brokerage.

Like the blooming “fleur de lis” growing upward toward the heavens, “the sky’s the limit” when we are bound together and strengthened in thoughtful guiding principles. FDL is the bond that brings the community, business and philanthropy together in a meaningful and trusting manner, so that collectively we are limitless in economic growth and success of communities we enter, effectively leaving the community better than it was when we arrived.