Commercial Real Estate Development & Advisory Services are provided in various stages of the development cycle. In some instances, a prerequisite to the sale of the property may involve pre-development to maximize the value, or to bring transparency to on-site challenges.  

Fleur de Lis, LLC is able to tailor a Commercial/Retail real estate development team to serve the diverse opportunities within the region, and aims to utilize qualified local businesses and MBEs.  As such, development of raw land from concept to certificate of occupancy is within our capabilities.


Fleur de Lis provides our clients with the counsel and support needed to satisfy their business objectives including technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Development and Partnerships
  • Site Control
  • Site Inspection / Feasibility Review
  • Government Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Assemblage/Plottage
  • Legislative / Text Amendment with Land Use Attorney
  • Research, interview and select development team
    • Architects
    • Engineers; Geotechnical, Civil, Structural
    • Attorneys
    • Accountants
    • General Contractor
  • Conceptual Site Plan (Civil Engineer)
  • Detailed Site Plan (Civil Engineer)
  • Departure (Civil Engineer/Land Use Attorney)
  • Local community businesses and MBE contractors
  • Development timeline
  • Planning Board Hearings
    • Presentation of text amendment (County Council)
    • PZED (Planning Zoning & Economic Development) – Report
    • Public Hearing
    • Introduction – District Council
    • Appeal
  • Design Phase (Collaborate with Architect)
    • Design Intent Drawings
    • Owner Selection
    • MEP
    • Civil Design
    • Construction Drawings
    • Third Party Review
    • Grading Permit
  • Construction (Collaborate with General Contractor)
    • Site Work
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Investment evaluation/Pro Forma (underwriting)